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How to Get an Egg in a Bottle Science Experiment


It may seem like an impossible feat to get an egg inside of a milk bottle, but with a little scientific understanding and some common household items, it is totally possible! This is a fun, well-known science experiment.

source/image: The Sci Guys

The classic egg in a bottle experiment, where I try creating a partial vacuum in a bottle to suck an egg inside. Great fun to try with kids. Done with a slight twist.When you dropped the burning paper into the bottle, it caused the air inside to heat up and expand rapidly.

That expanding air pushed the egg aside and escaped from the bottle; that’s why you saw the egg vibrating. When the fire consumed all the oxygen inside the bottle, the flame went out and the remaining air in the bottle cooled down. Cool air takes up less space, exerting less pressure inside the bottle.


(The egg acted as a seal to prevent outside air from getting in to fill the extra space.) The result was an unbalanced force—the force of the air pushing on the egg from outside the bottle was greater than the force of the air pushing up on it from inside the bottle. Voila – the egg was pushed into the bottle!