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How to Heat & Stretch Glass Bottles

Glass art can add a decorative touch to your home in the form of vases, trays, centerpieces, and more. You can create your own glass art by melting down old bottles that have accumulated in your home.

This is a great way of recycling old, beautiful glass into something new and elegant. It may take some time and effort before you perfect your glass melting technique, but once you do, you’ll always have a use for your glass bottles.

Glass bottles, once they’ve been emptied, don’t need to become garbage. Instead, they can be turned into art -plates, ornaments, and decorations — through the process of “slumping,” in which the glass is placed in a kiln and heated until it becomes soft.


With the right tools, you can even stretch the glass before it cools down. Heating the glass carefully will ensure that it keeps its color and texture while allowing you to reshape the bottle.

Stretch Bottle Art is the newest art craft sweeping the nation. It was created in the 1970’s and was sold at carnivals usually with colored water in them.