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How to Install Concrete Flag/Block Paving Flexibly

Before beginning a slab installation project, it is important to understand the critical layers and material used in the installation of a precast concrete slab.Building a patio, walkway or parking area using concrete paver blocks or paving slabs will enable you to enhance your home and make the very most of your outdoor space.

image credit: MarshallsTV

This project describes how to create a paved area using concrete paving slabs or paver blocks. Laying the pavers is simple, but it is important to properly prepare the ground first.

Slabs are popular because of their low cost per square foot of coverage versus other alternatives like poured concrete, asphalting, or patio block/stones. Also, the installation steps are less complex than the competing alternatives.


The wide selection of paving slabs and paver systems available today makes it easier then ever to create an outdoor kitchen, patio corner or walkway around the pool.While pavers are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of our climate, they must be installed correctly so they do not shift or become dislodged.