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How to Insulate Your Attic With Spray Foam Insulation

Attic spray foam insulation is often considered the most effective type of insulation. Spray foam insulation creates a thick layer of powerful thermal insulator, filling all the gaps and cracks in your attic. Because the materials solidify once dry, attic spray foam insulation is completely water-resistant and does not release any particles or allergens into the air.

source/image: fusioninsulation

In this we show a difficult dormer roof being sprayfoamed and then the foam is “cut flush” or shaved flush to allow the drywall contractor get a perfect air tight seal.Watch the video by fusioninsulation.

Foam insulation is sprayed into walls, ceilings, and floors, under pressure, using a spray nozzle attached to hoses containing a liquid polymer and a foaming agent. When the 2 elements are mixed together it creates foam that expands and fills the area with high R value insulation.


Excess foam is cut off with a foam saw to the level of the wall studs to ensure proper fit for drywall or sheet rock. As your house settles and expands the foam insulation expands with it eliminating cracks and gaps. Spray foam insulation doesn’t shrink, sage, crack, or settle.