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How To Lay Laminate Flooring, Add a Modern Touch To Your Home

Installing laminate flooring is quite easy, and after you’ve done it once you will wonder why anyone ever pays professional installers to do this.For proper installation, your base floor needs to be flat, clean, and ready to accept the laminate flooring.

source/image(PrtSc): Wickes

Laminate flooring can usually be installed successfully right over old floor coverings, such as sheet vinyl, provided the surface is flat and smooth. Add a modern touch to your home with laminate flooring – learn how to install it with this video from the experts at Wickes.

Laminate flooring needs to be laid with an expansion gap of between 10–12mm around the edges. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for your product. If your existing skirting is at least that thick, it can be carefully removed prior to fitting and reinstalled once the laminate is in place.


However, an easier approach is to install flooring trim to hide the gap between the laminate and the existing skirting.Considering your own safety when fitting a new floor is paramount, so always seek professional advice if you’re unsure about anything.