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How To Make a 3D Printer at Home Using Arduino & Old DVD Writers

3D printers are becoming very popular amongst hobbyists and makers, but they are very expensive to own.But for some people who love to make something new with their own hands can be more interesting to build their own 3d printer from scratch.

source/image: Tapendra Mandal

Want to make your own 3D printer without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for it? This guide will show you how to build your own. In this video by Tapendra Mandal you will find general understanding how 3D printers can be built.

The technology that makes it possible is incredibly advanced and precise, and with relatively recent advancements in micro controllers – such as the Arduino Mega – and stepper motors from some old dvd and floppy drives – the accuracy and price of the technology is now accessible and to everyone.


3D printing shows its efficiency and benefits everyday different sectors such as the medical industry or the fashion industry. This technology can really be helpful on many levels, from prototyping to production.

Required Material

  • 1. Arduino Mega with RAMPS 1.4 Controller
  • 2. Aluminum Extruder Kit
  • 3. 0.4mm Extrusion Head
  • 4. 12volt SMPS
  • 5. DVD Writer x2
  • 6. Floppy Drive etc