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How To Make a Bonsai Tree, From a Starter Kit

In this movie the tree steps of growing a Bonsai are explained; cultivation, training and care.Though Bonsai is a centuries-old form of art, getting started with this fascinating hobby is not at all that difficult! The tree in this movie is a Chamaecyparis plumosa.

image/text credit: Bonsai Empire

Most people think keeping a Bonsai alive is near impossible, let alone creating one yourself. But really, it’s not that hard and we’ll show you how in this practical online course.This course won’t discuss theory or in-depth techniques; we teach you how to create a Bonsai tree in five simple steps.

Although it takes a long time at least three years) before you have a tree you can start working on, this is the only way to grow a Bonsai right from the start!The materials we work with in this course are cheap and widely available, so you can follow our lead and DIY! If you have never created a Bonsai tree before, this course is for you.


Now that we have either bought or cultivated a tree, it’s time to get started with shaping and styling it. This is the creative part of growing Bonsai trees, as well as the difficult part. Although it took many decades to refine techniques like pruning and wiring to keep trees miniaturized, some basics can be learned quite easily. Right now we will look at the basics of pruning and wiring, but make sure to read the “styling” section for more detailed information on these subjects.