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How To Make A Clean Modern Desk For Office Or Gaming

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work from home, you know how influential your home office furniture can be with regard to your productivity. The desk, in particular, plays a critical role in any office space, particularly one at home. It should be functional and comfortable.

image/text credit: DIY Creators

Although having a customized desk built to fit your specific space can be expensive, the good news is that there are many DIY options out there for a DIY computer desk. These can be made into a corner desk, a closet desk, or really any size or shape your home office space requires. And, best of all, since you’ve made it yourself, the desk will be completely original.

Computers are a big part of any person’s life, although some tend to rely on them just a bit too much. Home offices seem like the ideal place for a computer but they become part of the living room or bedroom décor often enough. As a result, the computer desk gains importance as well.


A modern computer desk can focus on a lot of things.If you mainly work with a desktop computer, consider choosing a design with enough space for the monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer, plus a compartment or shelf for the computer tower if necessary. Wiring holes and channels make it easier to connect your computer components safely and securely, and a pull-out keyboard shelf is a space-saving option that also enhances usability.