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How to Make a Concrete Patio Pub Table with LED Lights and a Cooler

In this project DIY Pete will show you the process of building a concrete pub table with a wood base and LED lights. This Concrete Pub Table by DIY Pete is a great project for anyone who needs a modern table that looks great on the patio or in the house.

image/text credit: diypete

The concrete top is a solid tabletop that will last for years and give a modern look to any setting it is placed in. The LED lights under the clear coasters brighten up the table and provide great ambiance! And the ice cooler in the center is beyond convenient for chilling beverages without getting in the way or taking up table space.

The Concrete Pub Table is a very approachable project for beginners who have never worked with concrete and want to give it a try. It’s also a great project for those more experienced concrete folks out there. I built this with my friend Leah from Be_Uncaged. Give her a follow on Instagram to help support our fellow DIY’er and friend.


Concrete is a great medium to work with because you can make a high end table or counter any thickness, color, or shape you want. You can also embed about anything you can imagine in concrete.