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How to Make a Digital Microscope at Home

Old microscopes can be picked up for as little as £10, while most people have an old webcam, or else again these can be picked up for peanuts online.

For this project you need few pieces of cardboard, a torch and webcam with manual focul, all you need – install the lens by the reverse side and build a body for your future microscope. As better webcam you have – better picture you get!

To convert this camera into a microscope, we just need to move the lens away from the sensor.A lens in a web camera will typically be set up to focus on object that is far away, and therefore the lens ends up being separated from the sensor by about the focal length.


In order to get a microscope, we need to move the lens to be located about 2x the focal length from the sensor.Here we are taking advantage of the fact that the sensor itself isalready of microscopic scale. A typical web cam will have a sensor with a pixel size between 2-to-5 microns.

Gather together some items you’d like to examine close-up. Flower petals, a strand of hair or grains of sand are all good options.