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How To Make A DIY Modern Platform Bed


Today on Shape And Explore I’m making a Modern Platform Bed using dimensional lumber from my local home centre. The idea behind this project was to create a bed that emphasizes the low horizontal lines within my bedroom.

source/image(PrtSc): Shape And Explore

To help distract from the low ceilings in my basement apartment.The design features clean straight lines, and is versatile enough to pair well with multiple bedroom layouts and styles. Watch the video from Shape And Explore for more info:

This bed is easy to build and maintaining it is even easier. All you need to learn is some necessary carpentry skills. Get the required tools, take proper measurements for the bed, drill the holes for putting screws and then attach the frames.


After the finishing touches are done, set your bed with the perfect mattress and you’ll be all set with a new bed at home. This cozy bed would be perfect for your lazy weekend escapades.

VIA Shape And Explore
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