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How To Make a DIY Planter Fountain

You can make a DIY Planter Fountain for your garden. You can even make a small on for a tabletop! You just need to get the right pump for the job. The base of you fountain just needs to be big enough to completely submerge the pump under water.

Make sure your pump works before you begin the project!Do this project in the spot you would like it to stay when its finished- it gets quite heavy when it is full of rocks, water, and soil!

Make sure that the tubing is back far enough when the water is running so that it doesn’t spill out toward the front of the bucket or else all the water will run out and it can harm or break your pump.


You also will want to make sure that none of the rocks wick water out toward the edges- this will also cause water loss.And there you have it, an inexpensive fountain for a deck, patio, or apartment balcony.