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How to Make a DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

There’s not always space for a backyard bonfire, so we came up with a mini fire pit that’s small enough to fit on a little patio table, but still provides enough heat to roast marshmallows and add a little light to your evening!

image credit: DIY Creators

If you’re an urbanite or you just want to watch a flickering flame without the hassle of burning logs, ashes and soot, then this tabletop fire pit bowl project is for you.Once you have all the materials gathered, this cool tabletop fire pit bowl takes just a few minutes to make.

But, it’s important that you use the correct materials to construct your fire bowl; if you don’t, it could create a safety issue. As you gather the materials listed below, be sure to purchase fire glass and not decorative glass.


Fire glass is made to withstand very high temperatures. It also will not emit harmful gases, discolor or crack when it’s heated. Also be sure to use only fire gel fuel and not the Sterno fuel cups used to keep food warm in a chafing dish.