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How To Make A Easy DIY Wooden Patio Table


This table is made from cedar, but can be made from many different types of wood, or even composite material, if you like that.It’s tough and rugged, but also elegantly designed with plenty of leg room beneath a good sized top.

image/text credit: I Build It

I building it based on the plans for this patio table that cover all of the parts dimensions and assembly steps in detail.The pedestal for this table is designed strong to withstand years of use outdoors, while freeing up valuable leg room under the table.

Foot pads are added to the ends of each leg and these make the table more stable and also allow you to level it, if your patio or deck is uneven. That can be done by trimming some off the bottom of one or more with a block plane until the table sits flat.


This beautiful outdoor dining table seats up to six, but can be easily customized to seat more or less). Works with the dining bench and stackable side chairs.Eating outside is one of the best parts about summer and winter if you don’t mind the snow or live in a mild climate.