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How To Make a Fold-Down Outdoor Murphy Bar

How to make a Murphy Bar with Krylon® Brand that will light up your patio! This simple to make Murphy Bar is a cabinet that folds down to form a table. Built in wine glass storage and shelves for other necessities are easy to include or modify.Tis is a perfect solution for any small space and in case you just don’t want this bar to be an eyesore.

image/text credti: DIY PETE

When it’s folded, you can place some pots on it, and then not, you can serve all types of food and drinks that you want and surprise your guests. I think it’s a perfect and fresh idea for outdoor parties, you needn’t look where to place a bar. So, how can you make one? Let’s have a look.

I finished the project with the new Krylon® Outdoor Décor in Satin Rainwater and Satin White Cloud.Krylon Outdoor Decor paint drys quickly and is rain ready within 1 hour. It also resists fading, peeling, and cracking.


This Fold Down Murphy Bar can easily be removed from the wall in the harsher weather.This would also be ideal for a craft station or a child’s desk in their room. It’s particularly handy for small spaces. It would be great in bathrooms and toilets too.