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How To Make a Lighter? Supposedly Burns Without Fuel!

Today I’ll show you how to make lighter. For making I used brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Supposedly burns without fuel!This Stainless Steel Lighter provides an uninterrupted flame for lighting fires or candles and adds a note of elegance with its elongated design.

image/text credit: W&M

The entire bottom case and the parts of a lighter are called the outer case assembly, and the inside case (containing the fuel and sparking action) and its parts is called the inner case assembly.

The raw materials used for lighter manufacture are mostly metals. The outer case is made of cartridge brass, a material that was developed for rifle cartridges. A specialized mill makes brass sheets of the proper thickness and cuts them to the width required.


Three non-metallic components are also parts of the inner case assembly; these are wicking, balls made of a cotton-type substance, and felt. The wick and balls are placed in the fuel chamber. A piece of felt is fixed to the bottom of the inner case, but its front end can be lifted to allow lighter fluid refills and new flints.