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How To Make A Living Picture Frame With Succulents

Living frames are a great way to get your plants off the ground and grown them vertically. They let you highlight your plants as an ever-changing work of art in the same way that you would display a framed picture inside your house. Although flowering plants are sometimes used in vertical picture frame planters.

Want to plant succulents into a picture frame? Bao from Juicykits.com shows you how easy it is to make a Living Picture Frame with succulents in about 10 minutes using our awesome DIY kit.

Just 4 easy steps to making a succulent picture frame. If you don’t have our DIY kit, we’ll also show you how to do it with your own materials – it just takes a little longer.This style of frame is, planted with cuttings only. Because of the wire mesh front, rooted plants cannot be fit into the planting area. The idea is to fill the frame with succulent mix through the wire mesh.


Once the frame is full, cuttings are placed on the top of the mesh. As roots form, they move into the soil behind the wire. Once fully rooted, the soil is held in place by the network of roots behind the wire. If properly planted, the plants cover the entire surface of the wire mesh, preventing soil erosion.Once a frame has been chosen, it is time to decide what varieties of succulents are to be used.