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How to Make a Mini Powerful Hydraulic Press – DIY

Take hydraulics to the next level in your classroom. Using a system of syringes, tubing, and three-way valves, you can build the Can Crusher, a mini version of a four-post hydraulic press similar to those found in manufacturing and testing facilities around the world. The Q

source/image: The Q

In this video I show you how to make powerful hydraulic press. You need wood, 4 syringes, pipes and glass with water. All needed measurments you can find in the video. As result this press can easily crack any type of nuts, crush soda can and much more!

Creating a mechanical advantage of 14:1 with fluid running through tubing and syringes, it easily crushes aluminum cans, paper cups, and other items. Two tubes – one to take up the water and the other to return it – rest in a cup of water.


Pumping the small syringe forces fluid through the tubes and to the four larger syringes, creating a lot of force from a little input.Simple construction permits the use of water or even air for demonstration of the concepts involved. The Q