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How To Make a Modern Studio Desk – Woodworking & Metalworking

Having a customized desk built to fit your specific space can be expensive, but there are many DIY options out there for a DIY computer desk. These can be made into a corner desk, a closet desk, or really any size or shape your home office space requires. And, best of all, since you’ve made it yourself, the desk will be completely uniqe.

image/text credit: I Like To Make Stuff 

I needed a new minimal desk for my office/studio! See how some basic woodworking and metalworking came together!Since we moved and I turned my storage room into an office, it was time to make a new desk! Also, I’ve been saving several 1″ thick boards of teak for a few years, waiting for just the right project.

I intentionally painted my office white and grey to have a good plain base to work on, so this furniture needed some warmth, and teak is one of the most beautiful woods!Like my old desk, I wanted it to sit in a corner but this time be more minimal.


I wanted dedicated risers for my monitor and audio monitors. Technically, it’s an extremely simple build that includes some woodworking and metalworking but I LOVE the final result.This desk is a stunning centerpiece for all studio spaces.