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How To Make a Phone Gimbal Using PVC Pipe

Gimbals — aka those crazy camera stabilizer rigs — have only been around for a few years at this point, but in the short time they’ve been available, they’ve become a staple of professional and amateur filmmakers.Camera stabilizers can be the difference between shaky, unusable footage and beautiful shots that put your viewer in the heart of the action.

image/text credit: Creative Channel 

The only problem is that stabilizers can be bulky and expensive. However, with a little time and patience you can make your own camera stabilizers with materials you can find at any hardware store.

The DIY Gimbal can be as simple or complex as you want. You might start out with the simple, hand held PVC only version.Either way you will find that shooting with a gimbal, even the simplest, cheapest DIY version, will give your video an impressive, professional look.


You can walk and move the steadicam smoothly and the camera will appear to float and not shake. This basic version has the advantage of allowing you to grab the steadicam more firmly to tilt up or down or pan the camera as desired.