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How to Make a Powerful Hydraulic Jack using Syringe

This cool DIY Jack system can lift up to 25kgs (55lbs) by applying very less force at input. This concept of making a hydraulic jack using syringes sounds quite unbelievable but the design allows this hydraulic Jack to lift up to 25 KG of weight. This hydraulic jack uses two syringes; one to work as the Jack and the second syringe is the pump.

The user will use the second syringe to pump the liquid into the first syringe. The video attached below is the DIY demonstration of making this contraption so do watch and learn how you can make a hydraulic jack using syringes.

Due to the simplicity of the design of this hydraulic jack, you do not need any metal or electric components, two syringes and a few pieces of medicinal plastic tubes are enough to finish this project.



This hydraulic Jack may not lift your vehicle which weighs hundreds of kilograms but you can use this hydraulic jack in multiple ways such as lifting a bed as pulling out your shoes stuck below it.Hydraulic systems use pressurized liquid to transmit and magnify forces. A simple model of a hydraulic actuator can be constructed with easily available materials and used to demonstrate the principles of such systems.