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How to Make a Simple Homemade Laptop For Under $100

Whether you are simply bored, want to entertain your friends, or are in need of a project for your kids, making a paper laptop is a fun, easy, and cheap at home craft project.

image/text credit: JoshBuilds 

With just a few materials and some time, anyone can make a paper laptop of their very own.A DIY laptop anyone can make for under $100. This simple, homemade laptop can even run games like minecraft and others that come preloaded with the operating system.

For this project, cardboard panels are cut to size then glued in place, forming space for a Raspberry Pi, a keyboard, and a 7″ Adafruit display.


A laptop made of cardboard allows small children to pretend to have jobs and act like adults, without damaging our real-life laptops that contain hundreds of important documents, pictures and information.