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How to Make a Squidgy Slime Stress Ball!

Make a DIY squidgy ball using home made slime without Borax powder. Perfect for stress relief! Great fun to make and play with. Use marble balloons, Elmers glue and Stay Flo liquid starch, then some netting.

A stretchy stress ball is one of the cutest entertaining elements of all time that is also appreciated for it’s easy to make quality! You can actually craft this material with any home based components along with some effortless processes!

All you just need is to arrange some proper materials for this object and a right attitude too as if you are not comfortable with the kneading procedure for its sticky quality; then, you really can’t make a flawless squishy stretchy stress ball for your kids!


The final product is great for strengthening hand muscles, giving wiggly kids something to fidget with during a quiet listening time, or just for play!