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How to Make a Sword With THERMITE!


Usually Thermite is used to destroy things… Instead, I wanted to use it to make something to destroy things with.If you have never heard of it -Thermite is a mixture of Iron Oxide (rust) and Aluminum powder.

image/text credit: TheBackyardScientist 

When you ignite it a vigorous chemical reaction takes place which results in liquid iron. Its used industrially for welding metal, the military uses it to destroy enemy equipment, teachers use it for science demonstrations, and youtubers just melt stuff with it.

I made a mold out of insulating firebricks, and set off the thermite over it to fill it with molten steel! The Backyard Scientist decided to use the extremely hot concoction to fire a crucible for casting a sword.


The result isn’t the most attractive looking thing, but still an effective weapon. Kohler put his sword to the test by chopping pop cans and pumpkins in half.