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How to Make a Typewriter from Cardboard That Magically Types

It would be fun to throw out the word typewriter and see what happens. Maybe a project with type written words, maybe a love letter, but we were blown away with an actual handmade typewriter created by SKM. What a great idea for a centerpiece for an author, graduate or old school typist.

source/image: SKM

Your tech-savvy kids may not know what it is, but don’t let that stop you — they’ll appreciate the novelty. A rolling pin forms the platen for this old-fashioned typewriter. Let the kids use a label machine to create messages that they can stick to their letters and memos.Watch the video..

Vintage record players are hot and we think a good old type writer is just as cool. Enjoy the amazing detail and next time you are looking for a creative project or need an idea for a centerpiece for a theme party, consider making it.


I love all the vintage pieces you see in the museums and as often as I can I try to recreate them and make little art pieces for my family or friends. This time I decided to make typewriter. I always amazes me how people can make machines by putting different parts together to create something useful for everyday life and the typewriter is one of those amazing machines.