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How to Make a Wall Mounted Folding Desk DIY Project

If you have small space and you bother large furniture, see how he made a folding desk which saves space when needed ,making life easier.This desk mounts on the wall with folding legs that give the appearance of a picture frame when the desk is closed. When open, the picture frame forms the legs, and the picture is hidden from view on the bottom of the desk top.

source/image: Creative Man

The size of desk will vary, depending on the size of the poster or painting that’s used for the picture frame.Whether you’re routinely working from home or just need a place to set down a book, these 15 wall mounted desks are a super smart and ultra modern option.

Storage space might be scant, so be sure to have some workspace organization tricks up your sleeve and seek creative solutions for extra space saving, like mounting floating shelves nearby. Plus most of these could be positioned at the proper height to make your very own standing desk.


Cut the ¾-inch plywood to the size of the desk. This will depend on the amount of space you have. Make sure that the desk gives you ample space when you’re using it but doesn’t take up too much space on your wall. The video above in particular will show you how to build a 37 ½” x 37 ½” desk that will double as a cabinet.