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How to Make Amazing Puppy Dog House from Cardboard

Making home for your pet is always a fun task and if it is a dog, you will love to make his house made of woods. If you are looking out to make a house at a lower cost, then here is a solution for you. You can make a dog house out of cardboard boxes.

This would be great for the ones who have small breeds of dogs as they can easily get in such small houses. Its true that you can actually made beautiful remarkable structures from cardboard using your creativity.A cardboard doghouse makes the perfect accessory for a child who collects stuffed animals.

An average cardboard box with top and bottom flaps has all the materials needed to build a doghouse. Make this a crafting project children can get involved in with you. Surely the child who wants to give stuffed pets a home will have some ideas for doghouse plans.



Maybe you make this crate because you want to be green. or maybe you just got a new puppy and have to wait til your next paycheck to get an expensive crate.Either way this is a cheap,green way to acclomplish your goal.