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How To Make An Articulating Monitor Mount & Stand Out Of Black Walnut

If you like to keep a computer monitor or TV in your workshop, build this swing-out monitor arm to raise your display away from the dirt and dust on your work table.There’s a lot to love about articulating friction arms.They’re flexible, simple to use, and quick to adjust with a single knob, making them perfect for mounting accessories like monitors and LED lights that need to be repositioned frequently.

image credit: Artismia

Ideal for the LCD screens that many people now use, these monitor arm reclaims valuable desktop area, while allowing the monitor face to be positioned for best visibility, or to reduce glare.

This all-wood arm has friction-adjustable pivots and an overall length of about 21″ when straight (arms are 10″ and 8-1/4″).The sprung post has an adjustment range of 4-3/4″, and is secured with a locking collar. Overall maximum arm height to the center line is 15″.


Most DIYers use tablets and computers in their workshops to view instructional videos and surf the web. Now 3D printers and CNC machines are becoming more commonplace, which makes an already crowded workspace even more cramped.You can mount your monitor on the wall to save space and bring it to eye-level.