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How to Make an Electric Go Kart – DIY

After a long month of working on this project it is finally finished! In this video I will be showing how I transformed an old gas powered go kart into an electric go kart./austiwawa

source/image: austiwawa

This project was very time consuming and I am very happy to finally share it with all of you! The hardest part of this project was definitely searching for all of the parts and overcoming issues along the way./austiwawa

This go kart is loads of fun and with the current sprocket set up it can go around 50kph.The wheels are inexpensive pressed steel with 10″ pneumatic tyres.The steering uses a modified Ackerman geometry with a direct coupling to the column and steering wheel.


Brakes and accelerator are foot operated.While it does appear to go against one of the principals of the go-kart which is keeping the design as simple as possible, the challenge is to do it cheaply and simply using easily available components.