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How To Make Delicious Cotton Candy At Home

Most kids, and even some adults, love cotton candy, but it’s not always practical to make at home. Luckily, you no longer have to wait for the carnival to get your cotton candy fix. Using this method, you can make cotton candy at home.

As a first step, the jar lid cut and fitted onto the angle grinder, which is then inserted inside the plastic tub and secured with the steel wire, so it stays in its place as the vibrations of the angle grinder will slide it off its position.

Then the caramel is made in a pot by adding sugar into water and boiling it until it’s thick and golden. The angle grinder is turned on, and the caramel is carefully poured on it.


The lid on the angle grinder is going to blast the sugar in all directions that will create the cotton-like texture of sugar which is quite fun to eat. Make sure you keep the lid on the top or else that sugar cotton will be all over the place.