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How To Make Dieselpunk Industrial Pipe Lamp DIY

Capture your imagination with this beautiful industrial Pipe lamp. The industrial pipe look adds to the lamp charm and the Edison bulbs gives a soft glow. This DIY lamp has an awesome, steam-punk style and can be put together in just a few minutes.

image/text credit: Banjo Show

I want to share with you the process of creating a lamp in the style of dieselpunk. In this project, I used parts found on a car dump. Enjoy watching!

Lamp complete new, hand-made.The lamp made from old and new parts. 2.5m of twisted fabric covered wire with installed switch, connect the lamp to the nearest outlet.


This cool, easy-to-make pipe lamp will create a trendy look for your desk or table. It’s made from lengths of steel pipe and fittings, a light kit and a light bulb– all readily available at your local Home Depot store.