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How To Make DIY An Easy Terrarium Lamp, a “Lamparium”


Let’s make a Lamp Terrarium or a Lamparium! Most terrariums are simply nice to look at, but this one is also quite functional.If you’re unsure what a terrarium is, it’s basically a little glass case that hosts a garden inside.

source/image: SerpaDesign

Usually, you’ll find cacti or succulents in these terrariums because they can be difficult to reach into and water. Like this lamp terrarium, for instance! Watch the video below and see how you can pull off this unusual DIY. /SerpaDesign

So if you thought that it was a waste of resources/time to make a terrarium, then maybe this is the one for you. Chances are that you need a lamp, so why not make it a Lamp Terrarium?


These are really quite simple to make and not much different than a standard terrarium, other than a few components. This is such a cool DIY! You get two amazing things in one project: a little succulent garden and a lamp that you put together yourself.

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