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How to Make Flipbook Animation Machine at Home

In its most primitive form, a flipbook is an actual book, and each page is a static image. The reader flips through all of the pages at an even pace, resulting in a short animated movie.

image/text credit: The Q 

In today’s video I show you how to make really cool flipbook animation machine from cardboard. I’m a big fan of Simpsons so I chose Bart Simpson as animation model but you can use any animation you want (even draw one).

Follow steps from this video and you will get amazing machine that will impress your kids, friends and everyone!However, when you flip the pages quickly, the pictures really look like they’re moving. This is an illusion of course, but it’s rather amazing how much they look like moving images.


The moving images are all an illusion created by showing still images very quickly. And this illusion, of still images that look like moving images, takes place because of a fancy term known as persistence of vision.