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How To Make Fluffy Slime With Foam, No Borax

Fluffy slime is a soft,fluffy slime that’s fun to squeeze, poke, and play with, but many fluffy slime recipes require a borax solution, which can be difficult or even impossible to obtain. But there’s a way around this, you can still make fluffy slime with everyday household materials.

image/text credit: DaveHax

DIY Shaving foam Slime recipe with contact lens solution and no Borax, Tide, or Sta-Flo washing detergent. Make your own fluffy slime and colour it with food colouring. Great fun for kids.

When ingredients are mostly mixed, but you still have a floury consistency, pick up and knead together with hands.At first it may seem as though you have added too much cornstarch.


Not to worry. Continue kneading with hands until all elements are mixed and concoction is doughy in consistency.And now, begin having fun!Always store your slime in an airtight container for later usage.