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How to Make GIANT Lego Man Costume From Cardboard

This how-to video shows the process of creating a massive Lego minifig costume out of cardboard. DIY Lego minifigure costumes aren’t new. There have been quite a few videos and tutorials over the years. What makes this one stand out is the high level of craft involved and the completeness of the look.

image credit: The Q 

Today I show you how to make giant fully functional lego man costume! You need a lot of cardboard and glue sticks! This costume can be used for halloween! Or you can watch and enjoy this video!

The Q—a YouTube channel known for their science and DIY projects—just released an incredible video on how to construct your own LEGO costume from cardboard.


There are surprisingly few materials needed—cardboard, a box cutter, compass, pencil, glue gun, and one piece of PVC pipe. And, of course, a ruler. Though the video doesn’t show precise measurements, the shapes are easy enough that one could customize them to their body.