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How To Make Log furniture – The Log Lounger

The log lounger is a great way to turn yard waste that would end up in landfills or a fireplace, into sturdy outdoor furniture. For full instructions go to.


I got these birch logs from a landscaping company that had been hired to clear a piece of land. I recommend using logs between 3″ and 6″ in diameter.


Larger diameter logs can be used but can be difficult to drill through and connect. They also can get pretty heavy.


I used zinc-coated lag screws to connect the logs together. The lag screws are the most expensive part of this project.

I used ¼” lag screws 6″ long for most of the logs and a couple 9″ long ones for the bigger logs. 3-4 screws per log will do the trick. If you are using smaller logs, you can get away with using cheaper deck screws.