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How to Make Mini Casino Roulette Game from Cardboard at Home


In this video I show you how to make amazing board marble game mini casino roulette. You need cardboard, any fidget spinner, marble ball and your imagination.By leaving your fate in the hands of the wheel, you have no choice but to sit back and have tons of fun! Having a casino theme party?

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Roulette is a table game that’s widely played in many variants and many countries. But when you can’t afford to make a trip to your local casino, why not set up a roulette wheel in your own household ? Sounds a bit extravagant?Follow instructions in this video and you getamazing game for all your friends and family.

Use string compass to make an 18″ cardboard circle; cut it out. Cut out an arrow the same width as your yardstick.Poke a hole through center of circle.Divide circle into eight sections; paint each its own color. Paint arrow red.


Paint a few stones with each color from the wheel; let dry.To rig wheel, thread the bolt as follows: through one nut, one washer, newspaper medallion, cardboard wheel, five washers, yardstick (use its preexisting hole), one washer, and second nut; tighten.Try spinning wheel and add washers if it scrapes yardstick.Place the yardstick into a bucket; fill with stones. Top with painted stones.Hot-glue arrow to yardstick.