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How to Make Powerful Minigun from Coca Cola

ake sure syringe plunger is from rubber (not plastic). You will be surprised how powerful is your minigun and how easy to make it. Although minigun looks great because of coca cola cans and very comfortable to hold and shoot. Your friends will love it. Enjoy your coca cola not just as a drink :).

The semi-automatic design allows for precision shooting as well as the rapid-firing of all 8 rubber band “bullets”.

Whether your foe be a line of aluminum cans or a platoon of plastic army men, the DIY minigun will neutralize the threat up to 20 feet away.


Diet Coke can be festive! After you drink all the Diet Coke, you can turn the empty cans into mini gun. Make sure you rinse all the cans and take the tabs off, and you’ll also need a very sharp knife. Make soda cans into something cool!