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How To Make Stools From Shock Absorbers & Coil Springs

This video shows how to make a pair of stools from shock absorbers and coils springs. These coil springs were not under compression!!! If you are attempting these and are not sure what you are doing make sure the springs are clamped as they maybe under compression and could cause serious injury when opening them.

image/text credit: Eamon Walsh DIY

These are fun and quirky stools that would fit in well in any home, man cave or workshop. I always love messing about with different materials and parts from old or broken machinery, appliances etc to see what I can make from them.

image/text credit: Eamon Walsh DIY

Also before welding it to the base drill a small hole in the shock to release the gas inside. Although it should be inert gas it is wise to do so to stop the gas pressure building up from the heat of the welding.The shocks and spring came from the back of an old VW Polo.


Have a look at the video above to see how I built the pair of stools from start to finish.

The 50 mm x 25 mm box, flat steel and plastic inserts were all purchased from a hardware store and cost 25 Euro. The mdf for the seat was made from scraps I had and was glued together with gorilla wood glue. Always be careful using tools and machinery.