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How to Make Tractor John Deere from Matches Without Glue

Matches can be used for multiple reasons, The Q decided to make a unique match craft.The matchstick John Deere Tractor looks fabulous and is great fun to make!It is definitely creative and does not need any glue, but for this video, they used a total of 14 match cubes.

source/image: The Q

It’s quite mesmerizing to watch as each and every piece comes together, making this John Deere Tractor come to life.As these small matchsticks are combined together to create each and every piece individually before assembling them all together and bringing us to an end product that looks a lot like the real-life version of itself.

Shortly after assembling the John Deere Tractor entirely out of matches, a duty that probably took a lot of skill and planning, they immediately set it on fire, crushing the dreams of anyone who would want to add this piece to their personal collection!


Watching it burn is equally as frustrating as it is entertaining, it just adds another layer of an artistic outlook to this project as it comes to its final stages when it’s set ablaze. Be sure to check out the video that shows the construction and destruction of this beautiful work of art all within five minutes.