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How To Make Wooden Sunglasses With Common Woodworking Tools!

Don’t you love to see how usually plastic things are produced in wood? We’ll show you some general steps that a piece of wood makes until it becomes a pair of wooden sunglasses.Wooden sunglasses are usually either fully hand crafted or machine cut and hand-finished.

image credit: I Like To Make Stuff 

There are a few masters in the world who keep the production cycle completely hand made, they create their pieces on order and they are quite costly.Sometimes people try to create wooden sunglasses at home just once or twice more for personal use or as woodwork hobby fun.

image credit: I Like To Make Stuff 

More often, however, wooden sunglasses manufacturers choose technologies to optimize the process and time consumption.First and foremost any wooden sunglasses are to be designed. Sunnies frame shape, sizes, all small openings and details compatibility are designed and projected at this stage. CAD programs are commonly used for bulk manufacturing when machine cutting is the next step.


However even a paper draft may serve you well if you plan to make a pair of wooden sunglasses for yourself.After you’re satisfied with wooden sunglasses design it’s time to make them live. Cut out the frame shape you have prepared.Wooden frames for sunnies can be hand cut although it takes a while, either cut out by a scrollsaw, or laser cut. Wooden temples are cut out in the same way.

I’ve had to buy replacement lenses for my sunglasses a few times and it’s always been in the back of my mind to make glasses out of wood that would fit those lenses. Check it out! It’s mostly scroll saw and sanding work but a really fun process. Plus, I made these glasses in an afternoon! The least expensive way to get lenses is to remove them from inexpensive glasses.These great looking retro style sunglasses will certainly turn heads, leaving those you meet wanting a pair of their own!