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How To Make Your Old Toothbrush Brand New Again

Hopefully you’ve owned , or at least used, one of these at some point in your life. If you have, you’d know that toothbrush bristles tend to bend and spread out if you either brush too hard or have a really old toothbrush. We’ve always been told to replace a toothbrush regularly but, what if you could restore old bristles to look like new again?

source/image: MAD Science Hacks

Here’s a simple life hack that will allow you to be EXTRA FRUGAL with your toothbrush. This hack will let you restore old, bent, toothbrush bristles to look almost new again.I’ve decided to use a video in this instructable to illustrate the steps necessary to attempt this life hack yourself.

Bring about a two cups of water in a tea kettle to a boil. Then, pour the steaming hot water into a bowl. While holding on firmly to the handle, take your used toothbrush and roll the bristles around in the hot water. Think of it as if you’re gently stirring spaghetti sauce. Just be careful to mix very gingerly so as not to get burned by the scalding hot water.


Continue with this motion for about a minute or so. Take a break every once in a while to inspect the state of your toothbrush. After about a minute, you should be seeing some noticeable changes.This ridiculously simple two-step process takes just minutes, and can even save you a couple bucks. It’s a win-win situation!/tiphero