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Learn How To Operate A Miniature Live Steam Locomotive In This How-To Video

Driving a steam locomotive requires years of practice and apprenticeship, along with knowledge of the route In fact, sometimes you can still try this for fun on an engine simulator in railroad/railway museums. Grab the whistle cord and read on to get her moving and stopped when the trip is over, keeping the mighty beast on track.

image credit:  The Steam Channel

Push the reverser/Johnson bar forward – grip the very large lever that rises from near the floor in front or beside you, squeeze the release handle and shove it all the way forward, and let go of the release handle to lock it into place.

Learn how to operate a miniature live steam locomotive in this How-To video.

Open the cylinder cocks – Turn the valve all the way clockwise, or pull the lever back,Turn the front headlight on ,blow the whistle code for forward movement ,release the engine brakes,open the throttle to start the engine moving – the very long lever close to your face and hanging from the cab roof is the throttle.


As you feel the engine move slightly, shove it back in most of the way, so that it does not gather speed too fast. Once the basics are under your belt, the moment comes for you to sound the whistle, have your hand on the throttle, and head up the mainline toward the mines.