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How To Paint a Beautiful Tree In Acrylic


Learn the basics of how to paint trees with acrylics to improve your landscape paintings.Step 1 : Create a tree structureAll trees have different branch and trunk structures, There are also many different tree trunk colors and styles depending on which type of tree you wish to paint.

image/text credit: Acrylic Painting Techniques

Step 2 : Add shadows and dark leavesWith acrylics, I find it’s best to work in layers – generally dark to light.Step 3 : Add mid-tones you can either wait for the previous layer to dry or if you would like some blending action go ahead and add a layer of lighter color.

Step 4 : Paint hightlightsMost beginning artists like to overdo highlights, which can ruin the effect of light and shadow, so be careful and use sparingly. You can always add more if needed.


Step 5: Finalize your treeIn this step, add the lightest accents and other flare to make it your own.Now that you understand the basic steps for painting a tree with acrylics, go outside, find your favorite trees and try to recreate them or add them into a new landscape painting.