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How to Paint Perfect Wall Stripes

Painted stripes can quickly and economically add a lot of style to a room. In this episode of Houzz TV, watch as decorative artist and paint expert Shauna Gallagher demonstrates how to paint stripes on a wall. She uses a sample wall to show how to plan, prep and paint stripes on any wall in your home.

image credit: HouzzTV

Choose vertical or horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes make a room appear more spacious; vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher.

Striping is a very simple technique. And the final effect can add to the perceived size and dimension of a room. Just remember to measure and tape carefully.


When you have all your supplies ready, and the room cleared for painting, paint your base coat of paint on the wall using the lighter of the two colors you have decided to use first. Let it dry at least 4 hours or overnight for best results.