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How to Pick and Eat a Dragon Fruit

The hardest part of eating dragon fruit might be finding it first, depending on where you live. It is commonly sold in Asia, but is less available in the US and Europe. If your local grocery store does not stock dragon fruit, check Asian markets in your area.

image credit: Wendi Phan

Dragon fruit, or pitaya, are cactus fruit that come in three types. They can have either red or yellow skin. The varieties with red skin can have white or red flesh, while the yellow-skinned variety has white flesh.via(wikihow).

For any of the three varieties, you can determine if a dragon fruit is ripe by looking at and touching the fruit before eating. If you grow your own dragon fruits, harvest your fruits at the right time to ensure ripeness.


Use a sharp knife to slice right through it. You will find bright white flesh that looks similar to a kiwi inside, with tiny black seeds distributed throughout the fruit.