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How To Pick Up a 900+ Pound Fallen Motorcycle


Most motorcycle riders will have to pick up their bike at least once in their lifetime.When faced with a motorcycle lying on its side, there are several factors a rider should consider before picking it up. A motorcycle is a heavy machine that requires a bit of planning and forethought to get it off the ground.

source/image(PrtSc): Cruisn Canada

But there is a technique that will allow you to pick up even the heaviest of motorcycles with relative ease and won’t destroy your spine in the process.We watch a great demonstration of how to upright a fallen motorcycle. Bonnie uprights a 900+ pound Harley Davidson in this video by Cruisn Canada.

It’s all to do with your legs. Using your legs instead of your back makes lifting a motorcycle, even massively heavy ones a fairly simple exercise and should be employed by both genders.


Place your bottom against the seat, similar to a squat-like position. Use your hands to find a spot on the bike that gives you a good grip; it could be saddlebag bars, or parts under your seat. Then use your legs and bum primarily — not your back! — combined with your arms to shimmy the motorcycle back up, take care not to push it over.

VIACruisn Canada
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