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How To Recover A Dashboard With New Vinyl, Restore Old Cars & Trucks With This Handy Skill!

At some point, nearly every classic car suffers a cracked dash. But finding reproduction or pristine original parts for rare cars can be extremely difficult. What’s more, repairing and recovering dashes can be a challenge for even the most experienced trimmers because of the complex curves and sharp edges.

image credit: Daniel Engling

Dashboard covers are a popular product to preserve your dash and keep it looking new, but they can be expensive. Covering your dash with vinyl fabric is an easy and effective way to protect your car and your wallet.What’s note worthy about this approach is that he uses no seams – wrapping a dash in one solid piece of vinyl for a true factory finish.

Decide what type of vinyl fabric is best for your dashboard. A heavy, weather-resistant vinyl, such as marine grade fabric, works best for most vehicles.Wipe your dashboard with a clean rag. Pollutants such as dirt, smoke and exhaust can coat the inner surfaces of your vehicle, and a clean dash is essential to properly attach your vinyl.


Lay the vinyl over your dashboard, taking care to press if firmly and evenly over the glue. Start by pressing the vinyl into the area closest to the windshield and work your way back towards the steering wheel, pulling the material tight and smoothing out any ripples as you go. Working in one direction will help prevent air bubbles between the vinyl and dash.