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How To Restore Headlights – Polishing Is Not a Solution – See The TEST

This video will show you how we did the Test and we will prove that car headlight polishing is not the most appropriate repair method compared to our headlight restoration method where we apply a product ( coating ) to the headlight that Is UV resistant and with 5 year warranty.

source/image(PrtSc): Carlos F. Santos

With our method of restoring car headlights, the headlights will not turn yellow again. It will never be necessary to repair the headlights again, because it is durable.Unlike a vulgar varnish, this product that we use in the restoration, fuses the lens of the headlight, leaving it totally crystalline and giving it a resistance and a passage of luminosity superior to the original one.

There are many videos on youtube that show you how to restore headlights with polishing, toothpaste, spray, sodium bicarbonate, kits, etc., but headlights quickly turn yellow and oxidized because all of these methods are temporary, not Has resistance.


To confirm our veracity about the resistance, we show the TEST and how it was done here in this demonstration: simply pass a little bit of diluent or acetone or any other cellulose solvent on the polished lens, (note that this destroys the lens in other methods).