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How To Turn a Watermelon Into a Drink Dispenser – Watermelon Madness!

Throwing a party and lacking a proper punch bowl? Or perhaps you’re just looking for the best way to celebrate National Watermelon Day… which happens to be today! Well you’re in luck. All you need is a small spigot which can be installed in watermelons for use as a temporary drink dispenser and then stored away in a drawer for use again and again.

image credit: The Q

If you want to drink watermelon juice you don’t need to have special juicer. All you need is chopsticks and tap.Just follow instructions in this video and you get awesome watermelon juice dispenser!For this project you can choose to use a seedless watermelon, or one with seeds. Typically, the seedless melons are short and round, while the ones with seeds are tall and thin.

You can use either type, just keep in mind you’ll have a bit more prep work to do extracting all the seeds if you don’t pick a seedless in the first place, but since they are larger you’ll have to spend less time filling it up during your party.


Add the mixture to the watermelon “keg,” adding the ice and then the “lid” of the melon.Add a lime wedge to each glass and serve the drink icy cold.The watermelon keg lasts about 6 hours without leaking, so keep refilling as much as you want. Then, toss the shell in the trash, and hold on to the spigot for your next keg.